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OBDII Car Diagnostics is released into the App Store

We are very thankful with everyone of you for all your feedback and support.

For those interested in properly maintaining your vehicle or if you already have a Diagnostic Trouble Code, this tool will help you translate your problem and even give you a detail explanation for the most common codes also listing the possible solutions for them.

We hope that it becomes very useful to you all! Find OBDII Car Diagnostics on the App Store


6 thoughts on “OBDII Car Diagnostics is released into the App Store

  1. matt says:

    How can you find out which manufacturers’ codes are supported. I understand that the app will read the generic OBD2 codes, but what about your quote “Main car manufacturers codes (20 companies including sub brands)”. Which manufacturers are you referring to?

    • Hello Ted,
      You need an OBDII Scan Tool to read the DTC from the onboard OBDII connector in the automobile. Some automotive spare parts and accessories retailers offer to read these codes. You can then use OBDII Car Diagnostics to search the codes and obtain specific information about the problem.

      Italus Software.

    • Hello Emil,
      You should now be able to see an update thru the App Store that corrects the problem when running OBDII under iOS5! Please download it and tell us how it worked out for you.

      Thank you a lot for contacting us and we look forward serving you.
      Italus Software

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