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We proudly present: PhoneMinder and PhoneMinder Lite!!

How many times have you left your iPhone over your car?
What a pain when we just realize that we don’t have it with us when we have someone important to call or text message or to check our upcoming appointments?

Well, not anymore!!!  With PhoneMinder you will never forget  your phone once again. This application will detect your car vibration, so that when you turn off your engine it triggers an alarm to remind you that your phone is there and you need to pick it up.

Just open the app after starting your engine and you will have 5 seconds to place it on your prefered spot. That’s it, very simple! then let PhoneMinder do the work and drive as you usually do.

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America Soccer to the App Store!

Do you like soccer or any other sport?   Would you like to have an app with all the info from your favorite team?  Please leave us a comment, the next team with most votes will be made available to you very soon.

For now… the wait for the America fans, one of the biggest teams in Mexico, is over! Enjoy the benefits of having at the palm of your hand all the scores, standings, calendar, general information and more updated game by game.
Search for America Soccer, now on iTunes!

¿Te gusta el fútbol o cualquier otro deporte?   ¿Te gustaría tener un app con toda la info de tu equipo favorito?  Dejanos tu comentario, el equipo con más votos se tendrá disponible para ti muy pronto.

Por ahora… la espera para los fans del America, uno de los equipos más grandes de México, terminó! Disfruta los beneficios de tener en la palma de tu mano todos los resultados, estadisticas, calendario, información general y mucho mas actualizada partido por partido.
Busca America Soccer, ahora en iTunes!

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New Italus release… Baby Timer en Español

If you want to know about your pregnancy, you’ll definitely like Baby Timer, you will have the information you need to track the progress of it. Consult the expected delivery date and data week by week, including the main test you need to take.

Please be aware that this app is written in Spanish.

Si quieres conocer acerca de tu embarazo, definitivamente te gustará Baby Timer, tendrás toda la información que necesitas para rastrear tu progreso. Consulta la fecha esperada de parto e información semana a semana, incluyendo las pruebas principales que debes hacer.

Este app esta totalmente en tu idioma, ¡en Español!

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OBDII Car Diagnostics is released into the App Store

We are very thankful with everyone of you for all your feedback and support.

For those interested in properly maintaining your vehicle or if you already have a Diagnostic Trouble Code, this tool will help you translate your problem and even give you a detail explanation for the most common codes also listing the possible solutions for them.

We hope that it becomes very useful to you all! Find OBDII Car Diagnostics on the App Store

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iPong World Ultimate on iTunes

Who can forget the Classic Pong Game, one of the first games ever played on computers or consoles around the world.

Now iPong is back!

…and its coming reloaded, speed increases with time, decreases if you control the ball, bonus rounds, different worlds… for all Pong enthusiast this is a game that you will love.

Give it a try!! Find it on iTunes look for iPong World Ultimate.

iPong World Ultimate

iPong World Ultimate