With PhoneMinder you will never forget your phone in your car again! 

In only 3 simple steps

Step 1. Open PhoneMinder every time you start your car.

Step 2. You have 5 seconds to place your phone in a safe area in your car, a hard surface is recommended for optimal detection.

Step 3. Drive as usual, once the engine is OFF PhoneMinder will trigger a friendly reminder, so you will never forget your phone in the car once again.

Further Information: 

We do not recommend using your phone while driving, however if you decide to do so, PhoneMinder allows you to continue doing and receiving phone calls and text messages, but if you close PhoneMinder you will need to restart it. Do not Lock the Phone while PhoneMinder is in use.

Engine detection is considerably affected by the phone’s placement inside your car, this varies from car to car, so when your engine is running the blue bar should be as full as possible; if this is not happening you need to relocate the phone. Close to the center of the car tends to be the best location in most cases.

PhoneMinder detects Engine Vibration and it has not been tested in all vehicles, if your car has a very smooth engine we recommend you to try “PhoneMinder Lite” (which is free) first so that you can check if it works for you, if you like it and find it useful we encorage you to leave us a comment, we love to hear back from you.

Have you found another use for PhoneMinder? let us know how did you apply it!!
PhoneMinder is not recommended for Full Electric or Hybrid vehicles although you can always try our free version.


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